The Kabin @ Jeram, Selangor


I wanted to give The Kabin a high rating because I love that it’s so close to KL, and I could go back if it suited us. And indeed there are many plusses to this place, and you should still check it out if my negative points don’t affect you. But here it goes, we’re a couple with a 1.5 year old baby, and this just wasn’t for us.

Positive points:

  • An hour’s drive from KL
  • Affordable (between RM280 for a 2-person kabin to RM620 for 6 persons)
  • Small and private (only about 10 kabins/rooms)
  • Private car park
  • Entertainment facilities (for a fee)

Negative points:

  • Noisy (all the kabins are near the pool and the walking paths so you can hear everyone playing and talking)
  • Not clean (our bedsheets and pillowcases were stained, which made us worry about bed bugs)
  • Staff don’t understand English (the website and the menu, and pretty much everything in the place is in English, but the staff themselves don’t speak it well)
  • Not for babies (they said that they had a cot so we reserved it, but it turned out to be a newborn bassinet which only fits up to 3-month old babies. Our daughter had to sleep with us in the main bed, which wasn’t ideal)
  • Air-conditioning is iffy (ours was loud but acceptable, but my family’s wasn’t working and the staff spent several hours fixing it while they suffered in the immense heat of that particular day)
  • Swimming pool is full of chlorine (you can see that it’s cloudy and not clear because of it, but nevertheless many children loved swimming in it)
  • Breakfast isn’t included in the stay, but you can eat at the on-site cafe, which has quite mediocre (but not pricey) food
  • There is no proper beach nearby, no matter what Google Streetview says, but there is a playground within a short driving distance

Most of the negative points I’ve listed (apart from the bed being unclean, and that’s really not acceptable anywhere) are related to us having a small child and being sensitive to the environment around us. Which is why, if you’re okay with noise and not up-to-par service and facilities (the reasonable price helps towards that), then you can still give it a try.


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