Ume-Tei @ Amcorp Mall

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Ume-Tei is on the top floor of Amcorp Mall right next to the lifts. If I’d been there only once, I would have given it a higher rating, but my second visit was quite a letdown.


Overall, it’s good value for Japanese food. A sliced beef set is about RM22 and the flavours are good. My first experience was very pleasant, with attentive and helpful staff, and good food. However, my second visit fell short. My beef was very chewy and muscly, and when I called a waiter to complain, he just listened and then gestured to me rather rudely as if to ask what I wanted him to do about it, to which I had to spell out for him that I wanted it changed.

Thankfully the owner came out after that and apologised for the food and told me that she would give me a fresh dish shortly. It was much better after that.

Apart from that specific experience, Ume-Tei is what you would expect of a restaurant in Amcorp Mall. Quiet, homey, and no-frills, with a touch of dodgy (haha). We like the restaurant because it’s simple and serves tasty food.


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