Aeon Mid Valley (Baby room)

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The baby room in Aeon Mid Valley is located on the first floor. It’s quite spacious and is clean-ish.

There is a little play area for older babies/toddlers to entertain themselves if you have to take care of a younger one. The only place you can sit (for instance, I needed to feed my baby solids before using the facilities) is on the bench at the play area, which, thankfully was empty when I was there, or it would have been quite distracting and possibly even difficult, if there were kids jumping and playing. I found the lack of a bench or chairs quite inconvenient.


The breastfeeding area itself is very small. I could hardly manoeuvre my stroller in there, and some of it had to be left sticking out of the doorway. This was definitely not so great.

Another thing lacking, which isn’t in all baby rooms, but is definitely handy, is a microwave oven to heat food. They do have a facility for hot water though.

On the upside, like I mentioned above, it’s quite spacious in general, and while it doesn’t give me an air of cleanliness, it doesn’t look dirty.

Strangely, they are the only baby room I’ve seen which provides a weighing scale. I honestly do not know why you would want to weigh your child in Aeon Mid Valley, but okay… thanks, I guess.



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