Define: Food @ Mid Valley

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Define: Food is located on the ground floor just below the bridge connecting Gardens and Mid Valley. It has a nice exterior and even though the name suggests something quite scientific, lab-like and unappetising (at least to me), because I had a friend who said it was nice, I decided to try it out.

We were greeted warmly, and the staff was polite and friendly. We had a good first impression. But once we were there for a while and started looking around, we started noticing signs of it already getting rundown.

As people who work in the creative and design industry, we can’t help noticing details, and while we applaud the designer and founder for putting in the great work and investment during setup, the funding looks like it wasn’t continued and once the first batch of materials is finished, you’ll find yourself with second-rate things. For example, the menu was a jumble of old and new. Some pages were original, nicely printed, good quality paper. Some other pages were printed on a home printer with plain paper. The fact that they had combined the two was a little sad. Why not just print the whole menu again with the home printer if they wanted to keep costs down? Yes, small detail, but I like to think that small details added up tell you a complete story. Some pages were even printed on two sides with different prices for the same items, and when we asked the waiter about it, he said that that was the old menu. And he promptly put that wrong menu back in the pile. Until we told him it was probably better to remove it to avoid confusion with other diners.

Okay, now you’re saying, just talk about the food!

The mushroom soup was quite good, apart from the chef being a little heavy-handed with the pepper

The food was good, and we were happy with the quality, although the mushroom soup was a little too generously sprinkled with pepper. The truffle mushroom wagyu burger sounds mouth-watering on the menu, but while it was cooked to perfection, there was too much mushroom flavour to taste the truffle or the beef. Sometimes I think that restaurants add the attractive words “truffle” and “wagyu” to elevate their dishes, when in actual fact, they’ve just added a couple of drops of truffle oil.

The beef was cooked to perfection and the homemade sauce on the side was delicious, but I missed the taste of truffle that I was promised.

But okay, long story short, the food was good, and the staff were friendly. I don’t quite know why I gave it 3 stars instead of 4, but it just didn’t feel like a 4-star rated restaurant to me. Something was lacking, and I guess it was just the feeling I got from all the little details added up.


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