Tamarind Hill @ Jalan Sultan Ismail

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Tamarind Hill serves contemporary Thai-Burmese cuisine in the heart of the city centre.

The setting of the restaurant is very nice, with trees and leaf canopies blocking the view of the office buildings next door, so you get a serene and calm atmosphere indoors. I must say I liked the previous space better, but this is as good as it gets in the heart of the city centre.



The background music is well-chosen, not being cliché chime music, but more chilled out Café Del Mar-esque, and the volume is perfect for conversation.

The service was unobtrusive and professional, with the waiters knowing the answers to our questions, even the ones with Trainee tags on.

When you first sit down, you’re given a glass of lemongrass juice and a wet towel, which is a nice touch, reminiscent of a Michelin-starred restaurant. We even got an amuse-bouche of one spring roll on a bed of crispy somethings. Definitely lifted our spirits to get this kind of service!

Tamarind Hill platter

We ordered the Tamarind Hill platter to start, and beef massaman and green curry chicken with fragrant jasmine rice for our mains. Everything was delicious, well-portioned, and well worth the higher price.

Beef massaman and green curry chicken

The only disappointments (and thus the dropping of one star from my rating) came at the end of the meal. We had ordered fragrant jasmine rice for each of us at RM9 per person. The sharing bowl which had come was pretty small, and we weren’t sure if there would be refills like there usually are at Thai restaurants. Our doubts were removed, when a waiter discreetly came by, gestured to the empty bowl, and asked if we would like more rice.

Unfortunately, this turned out not to be the same as other Thai restaurants (like Amarin Heavenly Thai, for example), and we were charged two extra portions of rice, making our total cost of rice RM36! It’s a fine restaurant, but I think that’s a bit much.

The second thing that marred our experience was when we went back to the car down the steps. Before we could enter our car, a man approached us and asked us to pay RM10 for parking. Nowhere in that area did it say that it was a paid or free parking, so we weren’t sure if it was just a guy asking for money. We went back up to the restaurant to check, and they said that the guy was legit. And we’re totally fine with paying for parking, just that we would have liked to know beforehand if it was paid and how much. Plus, there’s nowhere else to park if you want to dine at Tamarind Hill, so you’d think they’d do their patrons the courtesy of absorbing the cost of parking, considering the prices their customers pay.

If you take these last two things into consideration and aren’t caught unawares, then I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful experience there.



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