Isetan: The Japan Store (restaurants)

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The old Lot 10 food court on the lower ground floor has been converted to a Japanese dining experience run by the new Isetan: The Japan Store. There are separate areas dedicated to a different type of cooking – sushi, tempura, yakitori, etc.

We felt like sushi so we headed for a table there. Also, because we were with a stroller, and the sushi area is one of the few with normal tables (others like the tempura area had only bar chairs), it was a better choice for us.

We were a little apprehensive at first because the prices are a tad higher than at normal sushi restaurants, but well, this is supposed to be The Japan Store after all, so we figured maybe they have “proper” sushi here.


In a nutshell, yes, the sushi is fantastic. Just the right size, flavour, and texture. It was really delicious. The miso soup was also perfect. The set was well worth the RM40.

We might try the other sections on our next visits, or I might just crave the delicious sushi and have it again…


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