Marta’s Kitchen @ Desa Sri Hartamas

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I know most reviews give Marta’s Kitchen 4 or 5 stars, so I feel as if I may be very much the odd one out. But reviews are very personal anyway, so here’s mine.

We had the staples like patatas bravas (which was nice, and the alioli and spicy tomato sauce was good) and the albondigas (meatballs, so-so). We also had the lamb skewers (so-so) and ham croquetas (breaded croquettes or fried food roll, which was also just so-so).

Patatas bravas (back) and ham croquetas
Lamb skewers
One of the only reasonably-priced juices. Can’t remember its name, but it was very sour



The meatballs were surrounded with a tasty sauce, and the accompanying bread basket (which was tiny) came only after we’d had half the dish. The bread was good, but we could have had more because there was still plenty of sauce left.


For dessert, we had another Spanish staple – the churros with Valrhona chocolate dip. It seems these days that if you’re not using Valrhona you may as well not be serving chocolate.

Marta’s churros were pretty nice, but I wish they hadn’t come coated with cinnamon sugar, which altered the taste of the chocolate dip. I almost preferred eating them without the chocolate (but as you pay another RM5 for the tiny chocolate dip…).

The price is pretty average for tapas, which I consider a tad pricey, as the portions were a little small. But if the tapas is good, it could be well worth it.

The service was prompt and professional, and the setting was pleasant.

Overall, it was a good experience. I just wasn’t blown away, and I wouldn’t necessarily hurry back.


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