Mak’s Chee @ 1 Utama

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Mak’s Chee claims to have a long history of the most sought after prawn wontons since the very first roadside stall in Guangzhou, China. Their noodles are super thin and slightly curly, with a lovely texture. I did enjoy the flavours very much.

However, the two stars is because apart from the food quality, the whole experience was a disappointment.

I ordered the noodle with sauce and signature prawn wonton for RM15.90. What arrived was a small plate with a pile of noodles unceremoniously dumped onto it, and the wontons were hiding under this pile. There was a small bowl of clear soup, and nothing else. No vegetables even. I must say I was disappointed with the presentation. For a roadside stall, fine, do what you like. But for a nicely decorated restaurant in 1 Utama, and a plate which costs RM15.90, this is quite unacceptable.

Another disappointment was the service. Because they claimed their prawn wontons were so famous, my husband wanted to try it, but not order the same thing I did. He asked the waitress if any of the other dishes also came with the wontons. And she named the other dishes on the menu. So he ordered the beef brisket with noodles. And, nope, when it arrived, the prawn wontons did not come with it.

Overall, a sub-par experience at Mak’s Chee. The problem lies in their having made such a beautiful restaurant and priced their items so high, that one expects the sort of presentation and service of a Din Tai Fung, when what you get is really more of a roadside stall.


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