Yeast @ Mid Valley

star star star star starblank

We had a very pleasant dinner experience at Yeast.

All the staff was well-trained, both in speaking to the customer and also in the way they carried and served the dishes. The Majestic Hotel can certainly learn a thing or two from them (read about my disappointing experience with their service here).

They knew their items (“The viennois is soft and milky, not hard like a baguette”), and even when one of them didn’t, he quickly told me, “I’m new here, so I don’t know everything but let me get someone to help you”.

They were also constantly refilling our water glasses without having to be asked. A bonus point: once we sat at our table, our waiter immediately asked if we would like warm or cold water. I really appreciate these little touches.

We ordered the gourmet burger and the grilled chicken. The grilled chicken got high ratings, and the gourmet burger was decent. The buttered bun was fantastic though, which is testament to Yeast’s reputation as having the best bread in town.

What more can I say? I really enjoyed my experience at Yeast and will definitely be dining there more often. The only reason I’m giving it four stars instead of five is that the food was good but not mouthwatering. Still, a very solid choice for a meal.


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