Afternoon tea @ The Majestic Hotel

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Afternoon tea starts at 3pm at The Majestic.

I hadn’t expected to give it only 3 stars, as I love the hotel and think it’s absolutely beautiful, but its afternoon tea let me down.

First, the good part. The setting is beautiful and serene, with a pianist playing lovely tunes in the centre of the restaurant. Even though we sat at the furthest corner, under the skylight – which I preferred over the dim lights in the main section – we could still enjoy the piano music. It was also relatively easy to get the attention of a server if we needed anything, even sitting in the corner.

The service, in general, is very good. Most of the staff was polite, and when I was pushing the baby stroller to the washrooms, one of them offered to help me push it there, and was very careful.

Unfortunately though, the server who was in charge of our table for afternoon tea was disappointing. The Majestic Hotel has, like many other places, hired foreign staff, but disappointingly, hasn’t trained them (or at least this guy) sufficiently. His accent was too strong to really understand – and my mother-in-law who’s foreign completely gave up – and he spoke too quickly, even after we asked him to repeat himself a few times. Okay, I wouldn’t complain about someone just because he has an accent that’s difficult to understand, but he also had a bad attitude towards us, one you wouldn’t expect to encounter at The Majestic. He was impatient, and even said “You don’t have to be confused.” when we told him that we didn’t quite understand what he was trying to say.

Another disappointment was the actual afternoon tea. The quality of the food was good, but it was a very strange choice of the hotel to serve, instead of one particular item per person, a variety of items. For example, there were three of us at the table, but they only served two salmon sandwiches, which meant that one of us had to forego the sandwich, or try to cut the sandwich into smaller pieces to share equally.


Also, the choice of tea was non-negotiable. It was either darjeeling tea, or you would have to pay an additional RM30 for another tea. RM30 is the full price of a pot of tea if you would order one a la carte. I understand that other teas may cost more, but I would have expected to pay a surcharge on top of the darjeeling that you’ve already paid for with the meal, not full price.

At the Ritz-Carlton, you not only get to choose your own tea from an extensive list, but they serve each person their own food item, so that everyone can have a taste of their delicious food.

All in all, my opinion is that these are strange choices for a top-class hotel like The Majestic, which is why I’ve given it only three stars.

ps. For anyone who’s interested, they do not have a nursing room, but they do have a baby changing table. I had to sit on a covered toilet bowl to feed my daughter. Thankfully, the washroom didn’t smell.


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