8 Jugra

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8 Jugra is mostly an Italian restaurant, with some Chinese-sounding ingredients occasionally appearing in the appetiser section.

The exterior and interior are nicely done, savouring the original atmosphere of the old house, while upgrading it to be more comfortable with air-conditioning and armchairs and sofas. I like these touches, but unfortunately, the furniture isn’t arranged very well, and the furniture itself isn’t very user-friendly. The table we were sitting at was reminiscent of a large old school desk, which is pretty, and has a nice functional drawer for your bag (which I found a lone sock in), but it’s too low for you to comfortably cross your legs. The tables and chairs are also arranged far too close together to move to and from your table easily. I would certainly advise against bringing a stroller!


There seemed to only be one floor staff all evening, a very capable guy who takes orders, serves them, clears the table, brings the bill, and does cashier duty.

We had to wait for our meal for an extremely long time, but the owners had noticed this from behind the bar and sent us a bowl of pumpkin soup to tide us over. It was a nice gesture and much appreciated.

When my wild mushroom risotto with truffle oil arrived, I was very hungry by then, so I dug in. I’ve eaten many mushroom risottos and truffle risottos before, but this was different to my expectation. There was a very strong flavour of something odd that I later realised was the spinach leaves. It was so strong that I couldn’t taste the mushrooms (although there were many) or the truffle oil. So that was quite a disappointment.

The pizza formaggi we ordered was nice though. Nice bread texture and melted cheese flavour.

Overall, a decent experience, mostly because the owners had noticed our long wait without us calling them, and had tried to make up for it. The prices are reasonable. I wouldn’t recommend the risotto, but maybe give the other pizzas a try.


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