Pelicana Chicken @ Atria

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I was so disappointed with my visit here. I went with two ex-university friends who aren’t local, and the waitress only spoke Malay, so I had to translate everything between them. The menu is in English, but my friends were asking the waitress which dishes were boneless (the chicken fillet is) and for things like salt and napkins.

We were the only customers in the roughly 50-table outlet, but the first plate that came out – one fried chicken fillet with rice – took 30 minutes. My fries with cheese sauce came 10 minutes later, and my plate of 4-piece original fried chicken came 10 minutes after that.

Was it worth the wait though? No. When we set our eyes on the chicken, we were just shocked at the size. Look at your palm, and imagine a chicken fillet half the size of your palm. That’s it. With a portion of rice and a bit of salad, not even taking into account the RM18 it costs, it’s hardly an adult meal. My original 4-piece chicken, selected because I wanted to try their specialty, consisted of two tiny pieces of wings and two tiny pieces of drummets. It was tasty and crispy, but the size was just too disappointing to really enjoy. Honestly, half the size was probably the batter. The fries with cheese was tasty and the portion was more acceptable, but it just wasn’t enough to salvage the wreck of this visit.

Why did I give it two stars still? The place was clean, and the Korean tea is refillable; although at RM4.90, it still costs too much when compared to the more upmarket Koike Shoten. The waitress, if you overlook her language deficiency, was helpful enough when asked to sort out some tables and chairs for us. And the food was tasty.

Before writing this review, I didn’t know that Pelicana Chicken was such a large and successful chain worldwide. I just Googled it to check its name and found it out. Perhaps the owners of this outlet should revise the staff training and its chicken sizes.


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