Baby spoons: OXO vs. Beaba

My daughter has just started taking solids, so we have been trying out these two brands of spoons that we purchased.

Overall, I like them both. Nothing to complain about either one. But my preference? The OXO (pictured left below).



While the Beaba spoons are more cheerful and look nicer in your kitchen, the OXO spoons are slightly more ergonomic – note that the Beabas work fine as well, just that I find the OXO slightly more comfortable to hold. As for baby’s mouth, I sense that the food goes in better using the OXO. It looks more comfortable for baby’s lips and gums. Not only due to the softer material but because of the angle of the spoon curve. Everything about the OXO is just that little bit more comfortable for parent and baby.

OXO has my vote!


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