An Viet @ Gardens

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I was disappointed with this restaurant. It looks good from the outside, plus Vietnamese pho always satisfies me. So it means a lot when I say I’m disappointed.

The two stars I gave is because it’s clean and because the food is, well, edible.

I ordered the traditional beef pho. The soup lacked flavour, and the beef slices, which are supposed to be thin and tender, were chewy and full of fat. I’ve never been to Vietnam, so I can’t claim that authentic pho doesn’t have fatty beef slices, but I’ve had enough pho at various restaurants to know that it isn’t supposed to be chewy. When I brought this up to the manager, he explained that they use two kinds of beef in the restaurant, one of which is beef brisket, which apparently is his reason for my beef slices being chewy and full of fat. I call BS, but at least I let him know that I was dissatisfied with the meal.

Another reason I was unhappy with this restaurant is that they advertised their set lunch at RM19.90, and placed pictures of drinks together with it, even though it isn’t included in the price. I know how some places do sneaky little things like these, so I was already prepared for it. I wasn’t, however, prepared for my pho to cost more than RM19.90. Apparently, it says, very small, that the sets are from RM19.90, and nowhere on the set lunch menu does it announce the price of the other dishes which aren’t RM19.90. So while the restaurant is technically not lying, it’s being quite dishonest by not disclosing the prices of the other dishes upfront, even in small print.

This kind of dishonesty upsets me even more when it comes from a restaurant which preaches to its customers. On the walls and on the menu, it educates people on how much food wastage there is every day, and how, if you finish your meal, they’ll donate some money to… well, it doesn’t specify.

Overall, an unpleasant experience, and I’ve only given it two stars to be fair. After all, it’s clean and the food arrived on time. Service was reasonable, except for the BS excuse I got for my fatty beef.


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