BMS Organics @ Mid Valley

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At first glance, the restaurant doesn’t look very inviting, but I’m glad we tried it. After sitting inside for a while, I started to be glad of the peace and tranquility it afforded, amidst the chaotic bustle of Mid Valley.

This restaurant has an extensive menu of very interesting dishes. While being vegetarian, it isn’t what us omnivores expect of a typical vegetarian restaurant, where everything is pretty much soy-based. BMS Organics also uses healthy alternatives such as quinoa, multigrain, and other healthy junkie type foods that I’m not familiar with, but are definitely yummy.

We had the nasi lemak, a signature dish, and the sweet and sour chicken. They had strong flavours and good texture. We certainly enjoyed our choices. For a dessert, we had the peanut butter and banana toastie strips, which were also good. The prices are reasonable, with our total bill of three food dishes and two drinks coming up to under RM50.

After your meal, you can browse their shelves of groceries for a healthier food lifestyle. We didn’t have time to take a look around, but it looks well-stocked.


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