Grand Imperial (Dim Sum) @ BSC

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I’ve only been to Grand Imperial once for dim sum, and I enjoyed it. It’s a typical Chinese restaurant, booked for weddings and events, so expect the usual decor. A nice thing though is that the tables are not as close to each other as Ming Room (also in BSC, serving the same cuisine), so a stroller fits comfortably next to you. Some tables also have a view overlooking trees and the city centre, which is beautiful day or night.

To be honest, we only went to Grand Imperial because Ming Room was full, even after an hour on the waiting list. I’m glad we went though, because now I know that I can get my dim sum fix at another restaurant.

It was just the two of us, so we didn’t order many things, just the typical dim sum fare. Siu mai, fishballs, beancurd rolls (steamed and fried), char siu chee cheong fun, egg tarts, tau foo fah, and mango pudding. Everything was good, but the standout for me were the egg tarts. Now I always order egg tarts everywhere I go, so I do have quite a bit of experience when it comes to egg tarts and their flavour and texture! The pastry is the deciding factor for me. And the pastry at Grand Imperial is excellent. It has a certain extra flavour that I can’t pinpoint, but that gives it that oomph. It’s also light, flaky and crumbly.

Another standout was the tau foo fah. The beancurd was smooth and silky, but it was the sugar syrup that really made it special. Again, it had that certain oomph. It was light… yet dark. Sorry if I’m being confusing, I’m no food critic, I can only tell you how I felt.

The service was good; the staff are attentive and constantly refilled our water glasses, and actively removed empty plates. They also enquired if we wanted the desserts together with the rest of the food or later. I always appreciate being asked.

The total price of our dim sum meal was RM80 for the items listed above. That isn’t too bad for the location. Even the tau foo fah was only RM5, where at Tang Pin, a no-frills restaurant, the homemade tau foo fah (which is also good) is RM4.

Overall, I liked the restaurant for its dim sum, and would definitely head back.


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