The Gardens (Baby room)

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I don’t know if there’s more than one baby room by Gardens, but we used the room on the second floor, on the Robinson’s side, where the toilets are.

On first entering, I was quite impressed. It’s clean, has cute and colourful patterns on the walls, and the colour scheme is bright and cheerful. But within seconds, after having to manoeuvre the stroller strangely around the pillars to get to the breastfeeding area at the back, I started seeing the downsides.

There are four curtained off breastfeeding cubicles at the back of the room. Each one is extremely narrow and tiny. The last two can fit a stroller at least, even though it sticks out. Each cubicle has a comfortable chair and a low table (although in the slightly longer cubicles, the table is placed so far away that it’s out of reach if you’re sitting on the chair. Not very useful if you need to get something while baby is latched on. Or if a terrible person decides to stick a hand in and grab your purse while you’re feeding. Yes, highly unlikely, but I’ve always got security at the top of my mind whenever I’m with my child, and especially when I’m in vulnerable situations.


Like I said, at first glance, the baby room looked great. However, after feeding, I brought my baby to the diaper changing station, and the first thing I noticed was that it was open on one side; as in, a baby could roll off because there’s no side guard. Every other diaper changing station I’ve used so far has one. The Isetan station even has a harness for if you really need to walk away for something. The cushion is comfortable and has just enough space for a baby.

Lastly, I had also mentioned earlier that I had to manoeuvre around the pillars to get to the feeding area. It was not such a problem when the room was empty, but by the time I had finished and wanted to leave, there were two other families using the diaper changing stations with strollers. They had to move aside – away from their child – in order for me to push the stroller out. There was just no other route.

Overall, the experience was alright. It could have been better, but it could also have been worse (read my Bangsar Village post here) Most importantly though, everything is clean.


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