Tang Pin Kitchen @ SS2

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Tang Pin Kitchen is a no-nonsense, no-fuss, easygoing kopitiam type of restaurant. I love it because of its simplicity; it’s clean, quick, affordable, and tasty.

The food is great. Simple, tasty, and traditional. I always order the original “mee pok”, dry, curly, slightly thick, slightly fat noodles with minced pork, served with clear soup with homemade “fishball” slices. If you like chilli, add a teaspoonful of the orangey-red chilli and it becomes superb.

I like homemade dishes the best, because you can really taste the difference. They serve homemade soya bean and tau foo fah, which has a lovely pure soybean flavour and isn’t too sweet.

The service is good; quick and efficient. But what I really like the most about the place is the photos of the owner and his dogs. It just adds a touch of homeliness and authenticity to the place. There are plenty of tables (except during lunch hour on weekdays), but you may find it a squeeze for a stroller (still possible though).

Just a note: if you don’t like fish, you’re probably best not coming here, even though they have recently added a few chicken dishes to the menu to cater to non-fish lovers. It’s just that the fishballs are one of the best parts of the restaurant.

Tang Pin Kitchen is located at 24, Jalan SS2 2/24, 47300 Petaling Jaya. Call them at 03-78772376.


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