next baby

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When it comes to baby clothes, I look for three main criteria:

  1. Comfort
  2. Fit
  3. Aesthetics

next baby ticks all these boxes. Although it’s in a higher price range than other baby clothes you can find locally, it’s not expensive if you take into account that it’s imported and the high price is merely a result of our poor currency. I don’t buy next baby regularly, but it’s worth checking out the sales.

I bought a set of three pyjama suits for my baby, and they are the most comfortable pyjamas she’s ever had on. The cotton is thick and very soft, and it really makes hugging her so lovely. I can imagine how nice it must be to fall asleep in them.

They also fit her very well. Her previous pyjama sets had far too big necklines, which caused her to sometimes have a bare shoulder if she moved around a lot (which she did, while trying to get out of her swaddle). She’s been wearing her 6-month size pyjamas from next baby since she was 4 months old, and they already fit her nicely, not being too big. And they’ll easily fit up till she’s 6 months if she grows at the current rate.

Lastly, aesthetics. I love the design of next baby clothes! Her set of three pyjamas has a nautical theme. They’ve given each set a different design, not just lazily copying and pasting a small whale on one and a big whale on the other.

Overall, I just love this purchase, and I’ll definitely be heading back to the store whenever they have a sale.

next baby is located on the first floor in Bangsar Village 1, or you can shop here with free delivery on orders above RM150.


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