Botanical Gardens (Taman Botani) @ Putrajaya

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The Botanical Gardens in Putrajaya (Taman Botani) is easy to get to, at least by car. There is always ample parking space, and if you are using a stroller or a wheelchair, you can easily drop it off at the main entrance and park your car at the adjacent parking area.

Entrance is free for everyone, and I’ve even walked right in at 5pm when they said they would be closed. There is a Moroccan Pavilion which costs RM2 for a ticket, but I haven’t been in there yet.

To be honest, my 4-star rating is based upon it being easy to reach, to park, and to walk around. I’m always on the lookout for outdoor-based activities for my baby, and this fits the bill. I use mosquito patches and spray around us so I can’t say for certain if there is a big risk of bites. Prevention is better than cure, as they say.

I’m also not particularly interested in the science of plants, so I can’t say if it’s worth going for them, but if you’re going for the aesthetic value, then it’s worth it. There’s lots of green leaves and pretty flowers, and everything is tidy and labelled.

You can also rent bicycles (didn’t rent em so don’t know the price), which should be fun as you can bike by the lakeside, or for the stronger legs, up and down the slopes.

The only downside is that there aren’t any location maps during the walk. There are signposts to the different areas, but no main overview, so you don’t know how far you are from anything, and how much further to the exit, which is useful if you’re watching the time.


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