Isetan (Baby room) @ The Gardens

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The baby room in Isetan is located on the second floor at the Children’s section. It’s one of those large open spaces with diaper changing in the general area and curtained off sections for breastfeeding.

What I like about it is that it’s an open area with curtained off sections (as opposed to the unsafe feeling of the tucked away baby room with half partition at Bangsar Village), since the department store is always busy and if you need any help, you can always call out and someone will hear you.

The space is large and clean – even if some of the fabric on the chairs is peeling – and I noticed that they recently renewed the torn fabric on the diaper changing cushions. There is a long cushioned bench for mothers or grandmothers who want to bottle feed without taking up the private curtained off sections for breastfeeding mothers, or for dads who just want to sit and wait.

There are three curtained off sections for breastfeeding, with a low chair and table. It’s a tiny space but it has what you need and can even just about fit a stroller in it, so no complaints from me.

There are three diaper changing tables with comfortable cushions and even restraints for the baby if you need to walk away from the table, to, say, wash your hands. There is no soap for washing your hands though. There is a microwave and a water dispenser, but no cups, so clearly only to be used for formula feeding and not for thirsty parents.

Overall, I like this room and I use it regularly. There’re always enough sections for breastfeeding, and even though it can sometimes get noisy if there are many parents/grandparents waiting with toddlers at the bench, the curtained off area seems to help baby not get distracted while feeding.


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