Parkson (Baby room) @ Alamanda Putrajaya

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I researched online for baby rooms in Alamanda, and found some old blog posts mentioning a baby room in the general Alamanda space, and another in Parkson, with people favouring the Parkson room, so that’s where I went.

The baby room in Parkson is located on the ground floor at the baby section. The signage is very good and we located it easily. There is a tiny play area outside for older children who might need some distraction while mum is taking care of the baby inside.

The space is the sort I prefer; a general open area for diaper changing, and curtained off areas for breastfeeding. It just feels less isolated compared to a single room for everything, and even though it’s “open” in a way, I feel safer knowing that anyone could come to my aid should an intruder burst in. I know it’s highly unlikely, but if you have to expose your breasts and hold a baby for at least 10 minutes, you can feel very vulnerable.


In general, it’s neat and quite clean (although the walls have spatters). What I didn’t like is that the diaper bin is a normal shopping mall bin, which means it isn’t sealed off, and on a busy day, would be stinky. There is a hot water jug next to the sink but no electrical point, so I assume that they refill the jug for you and leave it there to use, but it was empty when I was there.


The diaper changing cushion is big, which is comfortable for baby, but I noticed that the table is extremely high. Wasn’t a problem for my husband who’s very tall, but I imagine for the general public, it might not be so comfortable.

Overall, a decent experience. Not fantastic, but it does what it should do.


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