Bangsar Village (Baby room)

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There are two baby rooms in Bangsar Village, and both are equally sad. One baby room is located on the first floor of Bangsar Village 1, next to the toilets, which is just in front of the Sky Bridge to BV2 and next to the cafe Dash of Nutmeg. The other is in Bangsar Village 2, next to the toilets on the Sky Bridge side, on the upper ground floor.

This was the very first public baby room I used, so I didn’t have much to compare it to. And yet, I was pretty disappointed. I feel like I should even be thankful that they have a baby room!

Let’s start with the positives:

  • In the BV1 room, there are two chairs so that your partner can accompany you, and overall the space is pretty clean.
  • In the BV2 room, it’s further away from the toilets so you don’t have to smell them.

The negatives, though, are many:

  • I don’t get a feeling of privacy, even though I can lock the door, because it’s essentially a toilet cubicle inside a room. Anyone could peek over or under, and I feel more vulnerable than I would in a normal toilet cubicle because I have a baby latched on.
  • This cubicle-style partition also means that if another baby or toddler is being changed in the general area, it can be quite loud and distracting for your own baby while the other mother and child chat to each other.
  • The entrance faces the entrance to the ladies’ toilet and there is no door to close off the room, so if you feed after lunch or dinner, you and your baby will smell unpleasant things. Sure, it’s a natural process, but I can’t imagine it’s very nice for anyone to smell human waste for what could be more than 10 minutes while eating.
  • The sofa-type chair that’s provided is far too low and deep. This means that I can’t lean back while feeding, and that I almost feel like I’m squatting.

The first thing I’d change about it, if asked, would be to make it a proper room instead of a cubicle. I really felt uncomfortable while sitting alone feeding my baby with the thought that just anyone could peek over the partition, especially if the mall is quiet.

The baby room in BV2.

Overall, I am not impressed at all with the baby room here, but I’m still happy that they do provide one.


4 thoughts on “Bangsar Village (Baby room)”

  1. This place is just so miserable… The hand dryer is just too near and loud that whenever anyone uses it, it startled my baby…
    And due to the BV1 baby room had only one cubicle, 2nd mommy may not be able to use it…
    This place is just too sad. We hope that the management do something about it since we always patron this mall…

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