Bangsar Shopping Centre (Baby room)

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BSC’s baby room (called the Parenting Room) is located on the third floor in the new wing, just next to the Ladies toilets and the lifts, round the corner from Ben’s and the autopay machine.

It’s a single room which you can lock for privacy.

It’s clean and spacious, and is basically a reflection of the toilets, with the same earthy colour scheme and marble-esque walls.

There is a large and comfortable armchair with armrests; very nice except that someone has scratched a sort of poem or story (didn’t bother to read it) into the armrest, which is a shame because it looks kind of creepy.

The diaper changing cushion is large and wide, and is located on the counter so that you have space to place your new diaper and wet wipes, plus whatever else you use for this process. I always add my own diaper changing mat on top of these public cushions for extra cleanliness.

There is also a sink with a mirror and a soap dispenser – strangely, soap is not always provided in baby rooms. Likewise with the paper towels and a Dyson Airblade to dry your hands. I used a paper towel because the noise from the Dyson Airblade disturbs S. It’s still a nice addition if you have an older child who isn’t too bothered by it.

The only negative about this room is that while we were in it, two other people tried to enter. This was at around 1:30pm on a Saturday, so the mall was understandably busy. It made me a little stressed because I didn’t like to keep other children from their meals (the Ladies toilets have a diaper changing table). And for some reason, I felt quite cut off from the world in there. Maybe because of the size of the room and its grand look and solid door?

Overall, I really liked the room and would definitely keep BSC on my baby-friendly destination list.


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